Customers are offered a full service:
knowledgeable advice is available throughout the process, right from the product idea to the market-ready item, including everything from production of prototypes to finishing with printed text and provision of the closure.

Skilled professional advice

ROFRA can turn your ideas into real objects.It will be a pleasure to give you the benefit of all ROFRA’s experience if you bring your initial, vague idea for a type of packaging.


The initial idea

Drawings can be made on the basis of a design idea, followed by creation of tools for the manufacture.


Samples are readily available, either drawn from stock or created in response to the customer’s sketches or models.


All the products can be silkscreen-printed in standard or general metallic colours or using inks with gold, silver or bronze content. Customers’ wishes for particular shades can be met.The inks and dyes are either stoved ceramic colours or two-component colouring materials.


All items can be supplied with the appropriate closure and/or dropper system in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.


Packaging, storage and transport

ROFRA’s packaging comes as standard or customer-specific cardboard boxes and plastic trays.
ROFRA will take responsibility for the logistics, ensuring articles reach the customer on time.

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