Machine production

The company has reinvested regularly since 1990 in such new technology as highly productive tubular glass processing machinery.  Because of state-of-the-art control and monitoring systems and high performance computers and measuring equipment, manufacture proceeds with guaranteed precision and efficiency.

Tubular glass of hydrolytic types 1,2 and 3 with diameters between 8 and 34 mm is used for ROFRA containers, transparent or brown, supplied only by approved suppliers.


The printing department ensures that any necessary printed additions to the primary packaging can be provided.

The glass inks used are all lead and cadmium free, supplied by a reputable producer.It is possible to achieve not only standard shades of glass but also base metal or noble metal finishes including gold, silver or platinum.Printing is possible both in-line and on separated finishing lines.

It goes without saying that the customer can send primary packaging material to be printed by ROFRA.

ROFRA’s practice is to offer the customer rapid and flexible comprehensive solutions to finishing problems, providing text and size suggestions, creating the slide and producing the silk screen and the printing process itself.


Toolmaking workshop

In this workshop, ROFRA makes use of all its experience of providing precision, quality and efficiency – the result is always a sophisticated primary packaging product.ROFRA is thus highly competent in realising customer projects speedily and purposefully.


Glass-blowing workshop

Ever since ROFRA was founded in 1923, the craftsmen’s skill has been used to produce chemical and pharmaceutical apparatus.This tradition continues. The commoner items are mass-produced with a combination of automation and the glass-blower’s art. Individual customer designs are also produced.The range of products and processes is under constant development.

The modern glass-blowing workshop is where the customer’s templates and samples become actual apparatus. No challenge is refused.



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